Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kidney stones, vomiting, pain pills, oh my....

Looks like Jordan has a kidney stone. She woke me up at 6am this morning in horrible pain, and some vomiting. Now I have never had a kidney stone, but have given birth 6 times, and had a torn intestine, so I'm guessing I have something to compare it to,and I assume, and have been told it hurts like hell, but she...nor any of my children, are very good sick people. So, off we went to the "doc in a box", since I would rather chew off my own arm that sit for endless hours in an ED waiting to be seen while numerous other people with ailments wade in and out. She peed in the cup...yup, blood there. She had an x-ray...yup, "some type of calcification, but also looks like it might be in the intestine rather than the ureter"(this would be the down side of "doc in a box"). She had 2 injections in the bum, and scripts for Vicoden and Phenergan, a strainer for the urine, and directions to head to the ED if "she can't pee, gets a fever, or the pain meds aren't working"...um, ya think???

One good thing comes out of this. Jordan has now had a itty, bitty taste of what childbirth will be like and stated, "if this is what having a baby feels like, I'm never having one." Just what her mother wanted to hear...at least I hope she keeps that mind-set for oh, about 10 more years.

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