Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updated house pics....

Our house is starting to take shape slowly, but surely! Now that we have the new carpet in, I am loving this house! Here are some updated pics of the dining room:

Here are some pics of the work we've done in the living room. Overlook the dog crates that we're using for end tables...they are on the list as one of the things we still need.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Hobby Lobby like a fat kid loves cake, so here are a couple of my newest finds for the living room:

I still need something big for one of the walls in the living room, so looks like another trip...or Hobby Lobby is in my future!

And here is what we have going on in the Dallas Cowboys themed "man cave":

There is still lots to be done...painting the master bedroom and bathroom, and the guest bath downstairs, and all of the girls rooms, but hey, I guess I've got 30 years right?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a weekend!

I totally love having guests, but the laundry and cleaning that come afterwards are not something I look forward to at all! Chad's brother, Ernie, his wife, Jennifer, and their son's girlfriend, Denisa came for a visit after seeing his son, Jeff, graduate from boot camp. While he was here, he was wonderful enough to replace my horrible downstairs carpet. I love, love, love my new carpet! It's so nice to be able to lay down on your floor and know it's not covered in someone Else's filth!!!!
Here's Chad:

Me and Ern:

Maddie, Kacie, and her boyfriend Derrick stacking play-doh:

Denisa...Jeff's girlfriend:

Jen, Kennette, and Denisa:

Ernie and Kenette:

We can't wait until they come and visit again!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can't seem to stay out....

Of the Dr's office here lately! After spending yesterday morning getting Chad's eye stitched up, I fell in the yard while taking the dogs out, and re-sprained my ankle(I sprained it about a month and a half ago in the move). So, Chad had to come home from work and off to the DR again for us. Luckily, it isn't broken, only a mid level sprain, so no boot, no crutches, and I am good to start work on the 27th. OK, so after kidney stones, a split eye, and a sprained ankle, I am hoping our run of injuries...and my run of clumsiness... is OVER!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Puppies and Eyelids.....

Don't mix. Because this is what happens when they do......

A trip to the urgent care, and 8 stitches later. Apparently Layla has been taking boxing lessons from her brother, Luke!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kristy Carnes R.N.

Holy cow, life is good! I just found out I passed my NCLEX exam, and I am now a full fledged Registered Nurse!!!!! Never thought this day would come! I am an R.N, have a new house, about to start my dream job, everyone is happy and healthy, what more could I ask for?????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Hate Moving...

Moving means getting a new phone number. We would totally get rid of our home phone altogether, but with the girls, I feel like we need it in the event of an emergency(which with 3 teenagers in the house is a very distinct possibility)..although some people might consider the fact that all 3 of them don't have a cell phone an emergency...hey we're horrible parents, OK? Anyway, so I was horrified at the thought of having to learn a new phone number after having the old one for 5 and a half years. Luckily though, we got a pretty easy one, so I have that down, no problem. It does seem, however, that the phone number gods love to give us the phone numbers of the people who never paid their bills, sot hey changed their number so the collection agencies would stop harassing them. Well guess what, now they're harassing me! We get 10 calls a day looking for Mr. Timothy Gentle, whom I proceed to explain to them that he no longer has this number, and then I can feel it come over the phone line. That disbelieving tone of contempt when they ask, "well, do you know him" if I did I'd tell him to pay his dang bills. And then comes the suspicious, "How long have you had this number"...long enough for you people to be annoying! Oh well, hopefully people will start to get the message, or the bill collector super sleuths will be able to use their resources to track down Mr. timothy Gentle and harass him at his new number!