Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Joys of Painting....

Well, we had our first painting mishap yesterday. We were in the midst of painting the "man-cave", and Chad went to pour more paint, and somehow, the can slipped, and I turn around to find a huge splat of Cowboys gray paint on the carpet, coffee table and sofa(luckily a sofa that is soon to be replaced). At that moment sheer panic almost set in when I realized we...meaning the children....killed our carpet cleaner in the well as the one we borrowed from my the move. However, the Little Green Machine came to the rescue...thank goodbness! After about 45 miniutes of cleaning the spot, there is only a slight remnant of the Cowboy gray paint on the floor, and the rest is on the wall where it properly belongs. Although I'm not sure Chad will ever be allowed to pour the paint again.

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