Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Holy cow, moving really does stink, but I think we are finally done. Well, we're done moving stuff from the old place to the new one...aside from Chad's ginormous outside storage building. We would have that moved tomorrow, but it rained like the great flood last night and this morning(which I had the privilege of being completely soaked in as we loaded stuff up to take to the doesn't that sound like a fun-filled Friday), and I was waiting for Noah to cruise by in the ark at any moment. Hopefully it will get moved over one day this week, if the weather cooperates.

We did make it through the move, but not unscathed. Two of the guys who were supposed to help us move didn't show up, so we only had 1 extra set of hands, my brother-in-law, Sean, so it took freaking forever to get it all moved. Chad almost broke his brothers hand. I almost broke Chad's hand. I almost broke my ankle(after a fall in the attic from missing a step...that was loads of fun). Jordan almost broke her toe. We killed two carpet cleaners, and 1 vacuum. My father-in-law broke my iron, and deep-fryer as he dropped not one,but two boxes down the steps as he was trying to help(maybe he should stick to supervising), and I have so many scrapes and bruises that I look like a battered woman, but we are finally starting to get settled into our new home. We still have tons of unpacking and work to do, but at least I am done with the old house.

Another thing I also discovered during this move. Let's hope and pray that my life never depends on my darling children to move quickly or clean a room well, because they will be motherless for sure.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're in your new place --- relatively unscathed. Okay, so you're scathed, but yay! New house! :) Now, pictures!