Monday, May 18, 2009

Where Oh Where....

Did my sweet little girls go? The ones that were cute, happy, and loving. The ones that were pleasant, and eager to please. I was going through some boxes of photos, and discovered I have almost forgotten those days. It's hard to remember them when they want to poke your eyes out on a daily...if not hourly basis just for breathing. Oh, they're still cute....when they aren't rolling their eyes and and showing me the back of their heads as they stomp out of the room. They're happy only when I leave them alone to live in their own squalor and filth, or when they're planning my demise for asking them to clean their room or do their Mt. Everest size piles of laundry. Pleasant and eager to please....oh that only happens when they want something, and sometimes not even then. Anyone who has raised, or is currently raising a teenager knows exactly what I'm talking about, and I have triple the joy. We actually make it through some days only making one mad, but today is not that day(in fact it hasn't been that day for quite a few days). 3 for 3....good times! I really think it would be less painful to remove my own tonsils with a butter knife(which I might have tried if I still had them) than to make it through teenage-hood with 3 girls. Sigh. Oh well, guess there's always tomorrow....if they don't kill me in my sleep first.

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