Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great Conversations.

OK, here's the conversation that I had with my wonderful hubby last night:

Chad: 12 or 4?
Me: Huh?
Chad: 12 or 4? Steve wants to know what time.
Me: What time for what?
Chad: The get-together. Because Steve is coming down?
Me: I didn't know anything about a get-together.
Chad: Yes, I told you about this weeks ago.
Me: No you didn't. In fact the first time I knew about Steve coming this weekend was yesterday when I asked you if he was coming to help us move next weekend and you said "no, he's coming this weekend".
Chad: (Starting to get flustered) I told you about this 2 weeks ago. I told you he was coming with Everette because Kate had to work.
Me: No you did not tell me anything about it, because I would have remembered it.
Chad: You have some serious selective hearing.
Me: Oh no, I do not have selective hearing. I just graduated from nursing school, and I don't think that would have been possible with selective hearing. I can remember every single thing you've ever done to piss me off. I can remember lots of things(channeling Samantha Baker in 16 Candles...and boy wasn't Jake Ryan to die for...anyway), and I do not have selective hearing. You just have selective remembering...or early onset Alzheimer's.
Chad: Yes, you can remember everything I've ever done to piss you off, but you don't remember half the things I tell you. I told you. I told you he wanted to have a get-together while he was here, and you asked if Kate was coming and I said no because she had to work.
Me: No you didn't.
Chad: Yes I did.
Me: Ok, you told me. If that makes you feel better, you told me.

The End.

I know I am not the only one whose husband does this, because my friends have told me their husbands do the same thing. I mean, he fully and 100% believes he told me these things, and I am fully and 100% certain that he did not....because I am such an "anal annie" that I would have immediately had to figure out what we needed to bring to the get-together because I would then have to brave the huddled masses at wally world to buy such items, and then schedule a time to prepare them.

Oh well, this is just a small peek at what I have to look forward to as we grow old together. Yay.

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  1. Hey! Look at you all blogging and stuff! :)

    Usually, *I* am the one saying "I already told you eleventy thousand times!" and *he* is the one saying, "no, you didn't." Ugg. BTW, I'm always right, and he's a 'tard.

    I've got you bookmarked now! :)