Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updated house pics....

Our house is starting to take shape slowly, but surely! Now that we have the new carpet in, I am loving this house! Here are some updated pics of the dining room:

Here are some pics of the work we've done in the living room. Overlook the dog crates that we're using for end tables...they are on the list as one of the things we still need.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love Hobby Lobby like a fat kid loves cake, so here are a couple of my newest finds for the living room:

I still need something big for one of the walls in the living room, so looks like another trip...or Hobby Lobby is in my future!

And here is what we have going on in the Dallas Cowboys themed "man cave":

There is still lots to be done...painting the master bedroom and bathroom, and the guest bath downstairs, and all of the girls rooms, but hey, I guess I've got 30 years right?

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