Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a weekend!

I totally love having guests, but the laundry and cleaning that come afterwards are not something I look forward to at all! Chad's brother, Ernie, his wife, Jennifer, and their son's girlfriend, Denisa came for a visit after seeing his son, Jeff, graduate from boot camp. While he was here, he was wonderful enough to replace my horrible downstairs carpet. I love, love, love my new carpet! It's so nice to be able to lay down on your floor and know it's not covered in someone Else's filth!!!!
Here's Chad:

Me and Ern:

Maddie, Kacie, and her boyfriend Derrick stacking play-doh:

Denisa...Jeff's girlfriend:

Jen, Kennette, and Denisa:

Ernie and Kenette:

We can't wait until they come and visit again!

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