Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ob-gyn yesterday....

Ok, so while I love the fact that my OB-Gyn is so wonderful, I do not like that fact that so many other women also think so.  I already know he is in high demand when it takes about 2 months to get in for an annual exam, but seriously.  The waiting room was full, and with only one person checking people in, the line was at least 3 women deep at any given time.  My appointment was at 10, but I didn't get called back until about 10:30.  And although I had worked a 13 hour shift the night before, and was going on no sleep, I didn't really mind waiting, because as I said, he is wonderful! 

Anyway, it looks like I'll be going off the pill after I finish this pack so we can see if I'm ovulating in preparation for the baby making in a few months.  Let's all hope my periods come regularly (the best indication of ovulation), so that we don't have to look at the Clomid option.  Yay!  It's nice to finally be starting towards the baby making in June!

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