Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I suppose now we're supposed to believe this crazy loon went from photo A, to photo B, with no assistance from plastic surgery?????  I'm sorry, I'm all for hard work and all, but can I just say...liar, liar, pants on fire???!!!??? 

Her skin alone would hang down to her clown car vagina.  Not to mention the fact that her belly looks like a freaking road map of the US in the before picture...did she discover a magic cure for stretch marks while "working out".  Nope, sorry, I call foul on this one.  My educated guess is she got her new body the same way she got all those babies she didn't really need....good old fashioned medial intervention....and I'm guessing she didn't have to pay for it either.  Nice to know all those kids are paying off for her in such a productive manner.  All aboard the crazy train!

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  1. A-men! That was really well-written, Kristy, and absolutely true! Ha! She's nasty.