Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life is Good Today......

Not really sure why I'm thinking life is good I sit here with my windows open because my downstairs AC is on the fritz....I guess maybe because it's just one of those days when it hits me that it's MY AC that's on the fritz, and not someone else's AC that I'm just paying to borrow in the form of rent. Some days I'll be rolling along doing laundry and realize, "hey, this is my house....I finally own my own house," and it is still surreal. And luckily, it's only going to be 70 degrees outside today instead of there could be worse days for the AC to go out, right? My family is healthy, happy...for the most part, we have a roof over our heads, good jobs, and our bills are getting paid. What could be better? Life is good today!

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